Our Promise

Most people would think that because L&L is an auditing firm, we care only about the facts and figures. But they would be wrong.

At L&L, we understand that knowing the people behind the numbers is just as important as calculating the bottom line. We strive not only to fulfill your expectations, but to exceed them. Honesty and Integrity are the driving forces behind our commitment that extends to every aspect of our work.

Excellence in everything we do: This is the L&L promise.

All L&L auditors are committed to achieving the highest level of accuracy possible. In this endeavor, they are aided by continuing education materials and an annual seminar, in addition to comprehensive, detailed manuals.

L&L performs premium audits for all types of coverage:

  • Automobile Liability
  • Garage Keepers
  • General Liability
  • Mail
  • Phone Audit
  • Phone Survey
  • Pre-audit Survey
  • Voluntary
  • Worker's Compensation

Mission Statement

L&L is committed to being recognized as an industry leader where our client is our main priority. Our purpose is to perform Premium Audits that will enable our clients to determine the most appropriate and accurate results.

We will continuously strive to maintain our goal of professional and reliable service. Our commitment is supported by our core values of respect, loyalty, teamwork and high standards to not only our clients but to all of our associates.


L&L completes all audits according to manual rules, with all noteworthy changes being well documented. Our billing process, accounting, and inventory tracking system are completely automated.

In addition, L&L employs the most effective, state-of-the-art technology available in the industry, utilizing electronic file transmission for audit requests and activity status updates.


L&L Auditing Services has a network of over 45 top quality auditors covering the State of Florida. We are the Florida Auditing Experts. FloridaNo matter where your insured is located, we have one of our highly qualified auditing experts nearby. This extensive coverage allows us to provide our customers with two big benefits. The first is that we will always provide you with a prompt, timely response to your request. The second is that because L&L has auditing staff throughout these areas, we do not charge our customer for "zone fees". In fact, there is no area too remote or out-of-the-way for our auditors.

L&L Auditing has you covered!


L&L Auditing Services, Inc. is actively searching for qualified, quality-minded, professional premium auditors in Florida and Georgia. L&L auditing offers competitive pay and excellent remuneration packages. If you meet these criteria and would like to become a part of the L&L team, please send an e-mail to info_mail@llaudit.com or fax us at 954-345-5105. If faxing please include a cover letter, resume and copies of at least three prior audits. L&L Auditing Services, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer and we encourage all qualified persons to apply.